by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

The annual Blue & White tournament was a great kickoff for our first shotgun start that included lunch, paid for by the members of the losing team, and annual club meeting at the Donner room.

Forty-eight members were paired by the golf shop and divided into two teams.  Two blue team members played against two white team members using match play format. 

Congratulations to the Blue team who earned a free lunch today by beating the White team 112 to 104. 
Blue Team members included: Claudia Terry and Grace Nitta, Joanne Kim and Janet Choi, Sophia Kim and Andrea Alpine, Theresa Kim and Karen Krieger, Betty Cuniberti and Bari Mantel, Stella Chan and Kay Doyle, Marlene Seffern and Joanne Brennan, Pil Choo and Garnet Shelly, Ann Hamilton and Esta Podberesky, Agnes Shin and Nancy Park, Peggy Yamada and Denise Pratt, Teddi Swanson and Soonee Kim.
Thank you to Gail Ramirez, Del Poirier, Chef Gayl Westendorf, Joanne Brennan and Golf Pro Jacque Vigil for their efforts to make this a successful event for all who participated!

Birdies: Daisy Soo Hoo #16, Agnes Shin #10 and #14, Sue Yoon #10, Joanne Kim #7, Esta Podberesky #16, Joan Baggett #16 And #18, Virginia Lawson #16 and Pat Deisem #10.

Chip-ins: Denise Pratt #10, Soonee Kim #11 and #15, Agnes Shin #10 and Garnet Shelly #14.

Congratulations to Soonee Kim for her Eagle on hole #15