On Friday, April 20th the Vagabonds, consisting of Brent “Yak” Atkins, Darrell “Hawkeye” Webb, Chuck “The Gimp” Moran and Jack “Pot” Meng traveled to Rancho Solano in Fairfield to get away from the aerated greens. The competition as always, both individual and team wise, was intense. The highlight came on the 8th hole, a !75 yard Par 3 which plays slightly downhill to a tough green with a large hump on the left side and the pin tucked near the slope of the hump. The “Yak” chose a 5 iron and it was suggested to him to keep the ball left of the flag. His comment was that was above his talent level but he would try anyway. His 5 iron started on a great trajectory, well struck and left of the flag. None of the group except “Hawkeye” could see where it landed. “Hawkeye” said it was rolling toward the flag but then even he lost contact. Upon the group reaching the green 3 balls could be accounted for none of which was Yak’s. He thought he might have gone long, but “Hawkeye” went straight to the hole and let out a whoop confirming that the “Yak” had a hole in one!! Rancho Solano presented Brent with a flag from the course which is pictured below.