Bryan and the pictured Duck were having a heated match which was all even going into 15. However, the weather had favored the Duck since the beginning. The rain had drenched Bryan and of course it just rolled off the Duck’s back, but Bryan had hung in there. He was finally rewarded when he hit his ball – pictured – on to the green on 15 while the Duck apparently hit his into the bunker. But the Duck like many golfers did not know the rules and thought it was a water hazard. Given the Duck couldn’t find the ball and they couldn’t actually tell whether it had gone in the bunker/water hazard it became a lost ball. The Duck not only had lost his ball but had lost his sand wedge when it slipped off his wing tip trying to locate the ball in the water. The Duck was furious when Bryan calmly told him he would have hit the shot again. “That’s the rule” said Bryan, “stroke and distance for a lost ball.” “You have to hit the shot over from where you first hit it.” The Duck then in a fit of anger refused to do it. Dropped a ball and played out the hole. Bryan wisely claimed the hole!! Well done Bryan – now about that duck dinner……..