NINER’S are showing up in droves to play on Thursday Play Days; it is great to see all the enthusiasm and camaraderie.

The Meet & Greet held on February 27 was a huge success with 85 Niner’s attending! The entertainment was a major hit; with our golf pros: Mark, Wayne and Brent, now known as the Rossmoor Golf Thespians; demonstrating the “how not to do it” in golf! Pace of Play and Golf Etiquette were the main themes; lots of laughter.

Entertainment did not stop there, we also enjoyed the golf songs improvised by popular tunes, sung by the Niner Birdies: Linda Spiegelman, Fran Elvin and Mary Federico, who knew, we had songbirds in our midst?

The complimentary wine and cheese/fruit was well received and enjoyed by all. The décor was elegant and perfectly fit the overall mood for the evening. Thank you Vicki Simpson, Karen Wener and Carolyn Hensley for setting the mood.

Now we look forward to our next big event: Spring Fling to be held May 1st at the Event Center. This year it is the Niner’s turn to host. The 18er’s and the 9er’s play in a foursome; scramble format on the Dollar Course. Golf attire is modeled by four players from each club with Mark Heptig as the emcee, after lunch.

We will continue to work on our Pace of Play; all clubs, not just the Rossmoor Niner’s struggle with keeping up.

Play ready golf. Always be aware of the gap between you and the group ahead. There should not be more than half a hole open in front of you.

And remember: Rules aren’t in place to cramp your style; they just make play more enjoyable!

Have fun and play more golf!

Fran McDonnell
Captain Rossmoor Niners