MAY 1 turned out to be a beautiful warm day perfect for the Niner’s turn to host the annual Spring Fling tournament.

There were 130 guests at the Event Center after golf for appetizers, wine and other beverages, lunch, fashion show and raffle.

Creekside Grill provided us with excellent service. The menu comprised of a Cobb salad, with a choice of chicken or roasted vegetables, choice of dressing, and a light and delicious dessert. The appetizers were also a great addition to those waiting for the troops to come in after golf.

There are so many people to thank for the success of Spring Fling; but one thing for sure; it takes a village of golfers to make it happen! Thank you Niners for showing up to play; along with the 18ers. What a great way to mingle with other club members and to meet new friends. Also, it was an opportunity to play on the Dollar Course, which can have it’s own challenges.

The Fashion Show, as usual was a big hit! Mark was wonderful as the emcee, as were Wayne and Brent escorting the models, it was fun to see our Pros as fashionistos! Don’t quit your day jobs! The models from the 9ers and 18ers clubs were so professional and had fun on the runway showing off the latest in golf attire.

The display of golf clothes for sale during the entire event, adds to the allure of the entire day. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping without the hassle of looking for a place to park!

Another big surprise, our own “Rosie the Riveter, Agnes Moore, a Niner was escorted onto the stage after the fashion show. She wore her red scarf and denim jacket, which is the “Rosie’s” apparel worn at various occasions. She demonstrated her skills as a Welder on stage and had all the equipment with her, including the Welder’s headgear and leather apron. She is a real gem in our midst and she received a standing ovation. Bravo, Agnes Moore.

Agnes spent a week in Washington, D.C. in April with other surviving Rosies, meeting with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Lots of photos were taken at the Spring Fling event, please take some time to view them on the website.slide show

To all the numerous people involved, including the bartenders, Harry the marshal, who had his hands full trying to keep the golfers apprised of mulligans and magic putts (all in good humor). We had loads of volunteers, who cheerfully did their jobs. Our hats off to all of you!

Fran McDonnell, Captain and Vicki Simpson, Co-Chair Spring Fling