by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

It was a busy Thursday as the 18er’s competed in the fourth round of both the Eclectic and Charm Girl competitions.
There was some movement in the leader board for the fourth round of Eclectic race.  Two more rounds to go and they should be exciting.  
The results below are the gross score leaders.  The field will be separated into flights after round 6 and results will include net winners along with gross winners.
Leaders after four rounds: First place Margaret Hamilton 74, second place Claudia Terry 76, third place Theresa Kim 78 and fourth place Olivia Hsueh 79.
Results from the Charm Girl competition:
First place Joan Baggett with a score of net 72,  Joan Baggett will join Olivia Hsueh, Ann Hamilton and Anna Kim on October 14, 2021 for the final Charm Girl Competition.

Denise Pratt #16
Daisy Soo Hoo #16
Joan Baggett #8
Ann Hamilton #5

Joan Baggett #8
Garnet Shelly #5
Ann Hamilton #9
Del Poirier #15
Karin Romak #3