Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: September, 18, 2013
Suh Wins Charm Day
Mizono Rakes in Skins

On Thursday September 5, Hyosook Suh shot a net 65 to win the 18ers’ monthly Charm Day.
Other winners that day were First Flight: 1. Grace Nitta, 67, 2. Cletia Bowron, 68, 3. Nancy Groswird, 68; Second Flight: 1. Sonee Kim, 73, 2. Jane Lee, 73, 3. Olivia Hsueh; Third Slight: 1. Teddi Swanson, 71, 2. Jodi Rice, 71, Pil Choo, 73; Fourth

Flight: 1. Barbara Cran, 68, Garnet Shelly, 70, Joan Baggett, 75. Cletia Bowron scored a rare eagle on #11. Joyce Brock had the only chip in of the day on #16. The seven birdies of the day were by Inez Scrivner, #2; Jean Carroll #s10 and 11; Garnet Shellty, #s 4 and 6; Olivia Hsueh, #16; Helen Hiebert, #4; Joyce Brock #16; and Claudia Terry, #11. Dorothy Mizono collected 13 “skins” at the 18ers’ Skins game on September 12 to top the field of 31 players. Other players “bringing home the gold” were Jane Lee, 11 skins, and Donna Rhodes, 10 skins. Each “skin” was worth a quarter. Even those winning fewer skins or even none had a good time with the format.

Coming Up
October 31 is the date of the 18ers’ Halloween Bash. Some players are already busy decorating their hats and visors for the annual hat contest. Huge spiders adorned the winning hat last year.

It’s almost membership renewal time for the 18ers. Those who are on the email list will receive an announcement and can renew by email. Ladies not on the email list will receive a phone call with information on how to renew.