by Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

June 29th the Women’s 18 Hole Golf Cub participated in their third round of Charm and Eclectic. There are 6 Charm and eclectic Thursdays. On the Eclectic play days the women try to improve their score for each of the 18 holes on that designated play day over the course of the season and the Charm Day is a low net game played in conjunction with the six Eclectic Thursday play days.  There is an overall Charm Day playoff on the designated Thursday in November. The overall Charm Day prize is awarded at the holiday Party.  The round 3 Charm Day winner on June 29th was Soonee Kim with a net score of 67. There were 4 flights in this competition with the following women winning 1st, 2nd and 3d place:

Flight 1: Joanne Kim 1st, Theresa Kim 2nd and Claudia Terry 3rd

Flight 2: Jane Lee 1st, Nancy Park 2nd and Esta Podberesky 3rd

Flight 3: Soonee Kim 1st, Gail Ramirez 2nd and Marlene Seffern 3rd

Flight 4: Joanne Brennan 1st, Il Sook Cho 2nd and Robin Moreau 3rd

Birdies were made by Joanne Kim, Joan Baggett, Grace Nitta, Lauralee Barbaria, Theresa Kim, Andrea Alpine and Mirna Wong

Chip-ins were made by Vanida Nalamlieng, Mirna Wong, Theresa Kim and Joan Baggett

Congratulations to all winners and participants.