by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Forty-eight Rossmoor 18ers played the second Charm and Eclectic event on April 29.   Margaret Hamilton scored the low net for the field and wins the second lucky charm girl event.  Hamilton will be eligible to compete in the Charm shootout. Four more Charm Events are scheduled on the calendar.  Congratulations Margaret!

Here are the results:  

First flight:

first place Theresa Kim net 67

second Joan Binnings net 72

third place Agnes Shin net 72

fourth place Esta Podberesky net 73. 

Second flight:  

first place Margaret Hamilton net 65

second place Cindy Barni net 71

third place Judith Coleman-Cohen net 75

fourth place Peggy Yamada net 77

Third flight:  

first place Anna Kim net 69

second place Teddi Swanson net 72

third place Robin Moreau net 77

fourth place Kay Doyle net 79  

Fourth flight:  

first place Patty Frazer net 66

second place Jean Carrol net 67

third place Kathleen Young net 77

fourth place Pil Choo net 79