by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Nancy Park, posting an amazing net score of 63, last Thursday, October 13, won the final spot in the year-long quest for “Charm Girl.” Nancy had some tough competition as three others in her flight, Marsha Jennings, Olivia Hsueh and Agnes Shin also scored under par, very impressive accomplishments. Nancy has lived in the Walnut Creek vicinity for 34 years, and Rossmoor for the past 6 years. She began playing golf around 20 years ago and says “it’s been a wonderful experience of enjoying outdoors and friends. A little competition is always fun as well.”
She is very proud of her three children, Helen, a pediatrician; Jenny, a golf professional who played on the LPGA tour and is now teaching golf at NorCal Golf Academy in Walnut Creek; and son, James, who is an attorney. She is also very involved with her five, teen-aged grandchildren, who keep her busy with all of their activities.
Nancy will be competing against the five other Charm Day winners, Del Poirer, Jacky Dunn, Jane Lee, Joanne Kim, and Jayoung Lee for overall Charm Girl.
The Charm, is a longstanding 18ers event, that is played throughout the year on six different, random play days. The low net of the day becomes the Charm day winner and is awarded a commemorative towel.
On Thursday, November 3, the six individual winners will compete for the 2022 Charm Girl title. Whoever can manage to bring their “A” game (and most likely a spot of luck) will win the title. Congratulations to all of the individual winners and good luck on November 3.
The full list of winners on Thursday were, First flight, first place, Nancy Park; second place, Marsha Jennings; third place, Agnes Shin; and fourth place, Olivia Hsueh.
Second flight, first place, Jane Lee; second place, Anna Kim; third place, Karin Romak; and fourth place, Soonee Kim.
Third flight, first place, Joanne Brennan; second place, IlSook Cho; third place, Myra Belfiore; fourth place, Lola Lantz.
There was only one birdie and it was scored by Nancy Park on hole 2. Betty Cuniberti had the only chip-in which was on hole 18.