by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Jayoung Lee found herself once again in the winner’s circle for her great play on August 18, in the fifth Charm Day competition.  The previous week she and her partner Jane Lee had a winning score in the two-day Classic tournament, although they ultimately lost the title in a tie-breaker. There was no need for a tie-breaker on Charm Day as Jayoung, at three under par, clearly bested the field. She joins previous winners Del Poirer, Joanne Kim, Jacky Dunn and Jane Lee. The sixth and final spot will go to the Charm winner on October 13, with the play-off on November 3.

Jayoung moved to Rossmoor from Atlanta about four years ago. At that time she knew no one at Rossmoor; however, she soon found herself involved in the 18ers and making many friends. She enjoys the beautiful weather we have in California and finds it ideal for evening walks around the community. One thing most of us did not know about her is that she spends her quiet time drawing and creating watercolor paintings.

Jayoung, along with her partner, Laura Kim, racked up the most points at the EBTP competition at Round Hill last week and they will help move the team forward when they compete at Oakhurst for the final match on August 31.

Other winners in the August 18 Charm and Eclectic event include:

First flight; first place, Jayoung, second place, Joanne Kim, third, Sunhi Kim, fourth place, Sue Yoon. Second flight winner was Marsha Jennings, second place, Nancy Park, third place, Lynda Pritchett, fourth, Agnes Shin.  Third flight winners; first place, Kathy Hunt, second place, Juna Lee, third place, Anna Kim and fourth place Karin Romak. Fourth flight winners; first place, Char Gonzalez, second place, Takako Ichikawa, third place, Jacky Dunn, fourth, Il Sook Choo.

Birdies were achieved by Lynda Pritchett, hole 1, Sunhi Kim, hole 2, Judith Coleman-Cohen, hole 4, Jayoung Lee, hole 11, and Joanne Kim and Jun Chao on hole 13. Chip-ins were made by Lynda Pritchett, hole 1, MaryJean Kidd, hole 2 and Jacky Dunn, hole 8.