by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

On August 30, 43 Rossmoor 18ers participated in a Low Gross Tournament on the Dollar Ranch Golf Course.

Claudia Terry was the overall low gross winner with a score of 81 and was paid $10.

The remaining players were put into two flights with the following scores:

Flight one: 1st  place Theresa Kim 87, 2nd Joan Munn 90, 3rd Agnes Shin 93, 4th Janet Choi 94 (A tie was broken on the back nine)

Flight two: 1st – Gail Ramirez 102,  2nd Joanne Brennan 103, 3rd Lynda Pritchett 105, 4th Marlene Seffern 105 (the tie was broken on the back nine)

First place winners were paid $8, second place $6, third place $4 and fourth place $2.

Chip-ins were made by:  Joan Munn and Joanne Brennan on hole number one, Robin Moreau on hole number 4, Marlene Seffern on holes six and sixteen, Cletia Bowron on hole number 11and Gail Ramirez on hole number 13.

Birdies were made by:  Joan Munn and Theresa Kim on hole number one and Janice Davis on hole number 16.