With abundant sunshine for a beautiful day of golf, the 18ers played a Criss Cross Tournament, on Thursday, April 11. This unique format gave players the opportunity to win based on best net score for nine holes, criss-crossing from the front nine to the back nine to choose the best score for nine of the holes. Starting with hole number one or number 10,  then hole number two or eleven, hole number three or twelve and so on.

With lots of ties, many competitors were winners. In the First Flight, 28 was the winning score and a $7 payout went to Theresa Kim, Joanne Kim, Sunhi Kim, Andrea Alpine, Mae Marcotte and Joan Binnings all of whom tied for first place.

In the Second Flight, 27 was the magic number for winning with Mirna Wong in first place receiving $7. Second place with a 28 went to Janet Choi and Pat McSween each winning $6 and five people tied for third place scoring 29 and received $4 including Ki Hee Lee, Agnes Shin, Karyl Toms, Toni Snyder and Judy Leckonby.

The Third Flight winning score was 26 and first place went to Linda Ingalls $7.  Second Place with a 27 went to Jean Wright getting $6 and a tie for Third Place at 28 included  Anna Kim, Sherry Endicott and LaLani Rappeach who received $4.

Denise Pratt and Teddi Swanson tied for first place in the Fourth Flight, each scoring a 27 and receiving $7. There was also a tie for second place with Karin Romak, Sarah Ko and Bari Mantel each winning $5 for a score of 29.

Birdies were holed by Andrea Alpine on hole number ten, Olivia Hsueh on hole thirteen, Sunhi Kim on hole sixteen and Grace Nitta on holes number two and sixteen.  Chip-ins were recorded by Okey Ro and Olivia Huey. Congratulations to all.