by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Thursday, during the first day of the Classic Tournament, Daisy Soo Hoo had her first hole-in-one at Rossmoor. She achieved this on the tenth hole, which was 123 yards from the tee, using her 7-wood. Her previous hole in one was in 2015. Those lucky enough to share the special moment with her were, her partner, Vanida Nalamlieng and fellow competitors, Theresa Kim and Sophia Kim. Although she’s had other hole-in-ones at other clubs, this one was particularly special because she is the current club Captain of the Rossmoor Women 18ers.

As Captain, Daisy assumes responsibility for conducting monthly Board meetings and ensuring that all of the club’s activities run smoothly. Aside from her duties as Captain, Daisy enjoys organizing informal golf groups on Tuesdays and Saturdays and is the Captain of Rossmoor’s competitive East Bay Team Play. Congratulations Daisy, for your latest hole-in-one!