Dan G. MARCH 2020
I thought now would be an appropriate time to write fantasy column. Why, because there are no sports events happening now anywhere except in our own minds. No March Madness, no Opening Day for our beloved baseball teams, no Masters, no Kentucky Derby you name it. At Rossmoor and throughout the rest of the nation we have been spoiled. Just a few days into this preposterous dilemma one begins to realize that most of us have taken for granted many of the sports venues we have here at The Ross. They have taken our toys away and it’s hard to play without your toys.
Springtime around here means pickle balls flying around everywhere. Odd shaped balls rolling along manicured bowling greens and palinas dodging bocce balls on the Hillside courts. It means that we have to find alternative ways to exercise that the closed state of the art Fitness Center has always provided for us. Active residents have spent many hours a day there staying fit and taking advantage of our excellent trainers that treat everyone with duty and respect. Then there the value added programs the FC offers from A-Z, from yoga to line dancing. The tennis courts at Buckeye are also closed. Silence is what you hear now when you walk by.
It’s only been a few days in trying to stay away from Corona but it’s starting to take its toll. Char and I usually walk the golf courses each day; I suppose we should be thankful for that because that’s our main social interaction of the day. Greeting our friends along the way ( at the proper distance of course) and wishing them well is what we do as we foot the cart paths of the Dollar and the Creek. Ever so often you stop along the walk to admire the splendor that Spring brings each year to the Rossmoor golf courses.
Just concluded my cart walk at Dollar and finished at 3 under par ⛳️