The Nominating Committee of the Rossmoor Men’s Golf Club has completed its review of the Club members who have presented their name for consideration to fill 4 Board of Director positions which will be vacated at the end of this year.

The committee wants to thank all of you who have shown interest in participating on the Board. The following members have been selected as nominees and are brought to the entire Club membership for a vote:

George Dort, Greg Gould, Joe Cellucci and Chuck Clare.

According to the Club By-Laws, these names will be posted on the Club’s bulletin board, located in the Pro Shop, four weeks prior to the Fall Full Membership Meeting, currently planned for November 6th. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Fall Full Membership meeting will be held virtually. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at this meeting.

If there are any questions contact Pat Iacullo at piacullo1@gmail.com

Elections Committee Representative: John McDonnell: Johnm606@comcast.net