by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Of all the tournaments that are played throughout the year, 18ers feel the “Orange Ball” game is the most fearsome. The format puts tremendous pressure on the player whose turn it is to play with the orange ball. The dubious honor is rotated every hole to another person in the foursome with the goal of keeping the ball in play. Some holes can be very tricky due to tight fairways, out of bounds, water hazards (penalty areas) and just because it’s golf. If a team loses their ball they are disqualified from the tournament, but this year, happily, every team returned their orange ball.

Winners are as follows:

First flight, first place; Denise Pratt, Gail Ramirez, Del Poirer score 68; second place, Jayoung Lee, Daisy Soo Hoo, Sunhi Kim, Olivia Hsueh, net 70; third place, Claudia Terry, Joan Binnings, Joyce McCann, Sue Yoon, net 73.

Second flight, first place; Robin Moreau, Toni Snyder, Esta Podberesky, Lynda Pritchett, net 75; second place, Lauralee Barbaria, Pil Choo, Andrea Alpine, Barbara McKay, net 76; third place, Marsha Jennings, Cindy Sonstelie, Marcia Belcher, Jean Wright, net 80.

Third Flight, first place, Agnes Shin, Joan Munn, Betty Cuniberti, Jane Lee, net 74; second place, MaryAnn Higgins, MaryJo Leary, Marlene Seffern, Myra Belfiore, net 80; third place, MaryJean Kidd, Joan Baggett, Laura Kim, Kazu Takesaka, net 80.

Birdies were made on hole 1 by Sue Yoon,  hole 2, Denise Pratt, Andrea Alpine, and Jean Wright, hole 10, Olivia Hsueh and Sophia Kim, hole 16, Gail Ramirez, Claudia Terry, and Lauralee Barbaria.

Chip-ins were made by Jean Wright on hole 2, Del Poirer hole 6, Robin Moreau, hole11, Daisy Soo Hoo, hole 15 and Gail Ramirez, hole 16.

Women 18ers are reminded of the deadline to return their membership renewal application, November 30. Also, there is still time to RSVP for the December 7, holiday gala.