by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

18ers third event of the year was a first ball on the green format with two-person teams. There were two ways to score two points. The first player that placed a ball on the green earned one point. If the opposing team failed to hit any balls on the green the other team earned an extra point.

The following are results:
First place with a score of 21: Theresa Kim/Shin Kim, 4 golf balls
Second place with a score of 20: Juna Lee/Nancy Park, 3 Golf balls
Third place with a score of 20: Claudia Terry/Daisy Soo Hoo, 2 golf balls

The tie was broken on the back nine.
Chip-ins: Daisy Soo Hoo and Pat Deisem hole 4.
Birdies: Nancy Groswird hole 2, Pat Deisem hole 4, Claudia Terry hole 13.