by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

On June 30th, in honor of the upcoming Independence Day, the 18ers enjoyed the Flag
Tournament. This fun event challenges players to perform to their
handicap and hopefully better than their handicap. Everyone starts with a
flag and plays until they have reached a total of par plus their handicap.
When that number is reached, the flag is “planted.” This can be a
humbling experience for those having a tough day as they may lose their
flag as early as hole 15 or 16. Those having a great day may make it all the
way around and go on to the first hole. Following, is a list of the happy
women who did that. Joanne Kim holed out on number one to take first
place. Ann Hamilton got to the front of the green and took second. In the
first fairway were Karin Romak, third place; Joan Binnings, fourth place;
Joyce McCann, fifth place. Those reaching hole 18 were Jun Chao, sixth
place, then Pat Johnson, Jane Lee, Takako Ichikawa and Teddi Swanson.