By:  Teddi Swanson – Club Correspondent

Thirty three 18ers participated in the October 17 Charm and Eclectic tournament.  Garnet Shelly shot a low net of 66 to win the October Charm event.  Shelly will be joining Daisy Soo Hoo, Janet Choi, Joanne Kim, Joan Baggett, Joanne Brennan in the Charm shootout on October 31.  The winner of the Charm shootout will be announced at the Dec. 5 holiday party.

Below are results for the day:
First flight:  low gross Joanne Kim 84, first low net Joan Munn 70, second low net Ja Young Lee 70 (tie was broken on back nine last three holes.  Second flight:  low gross Juna Lee 96 (tie was broken on back nine), first low net Peggy Yamada 71, second low net Laura Kim 71 (tie was broken on back nine).  Third Flight:  low gross Pat Diesem 105, low net Chun Kim 71, second low net Teddi Swanson (tie broken on back nine).
Fourth flight:  low gross Garnet Shelly 103, low net Harriet Crosby 73, second low net Jacky Dunn 76.
Ja Young Lee shot a birdie on hole fifteen.  Chun Kim made a chip in on hole two.
The Halloween Bash will be held on October 24 and the Charm Shootout and Low Net game for 18ers will be on October 31.