GAC Meeting July, 2018
The traffic program is going ahead, but there will not be any golf cart lanes
created in this program.
The storm damage from last winter has caused damage to the Creek and must
be repaired. The Board has authorized preliminary plans to be drawn up for
this and has set aside about $850,000 for its repair. The actual cost of this will
probably be higher than that. The repairs are for the areas near the 11th tee
and where the pickle ball courts are on Rossmoor Parkway.
Mark Heptig discussed the new signs for the Creekside course and the signs
being placed for the access points for both courses. Discussion of the “SubCommittee
for Golf Course Marshall Program” to make the issue legitimate
followed . a new plan was brought up by the house legal counsel. Minor
changes were suggested in order to co-ordinate with the GAC as part of the
program. a copy of this document are attached to the e-mail of this report.
Blake Swint report included the that clover as been sprayed and is under
control. A second application will follow next month. There has been a problem
getting talented people to fill the positions that are needed to work on the golf
course . he is looking for one ore employee to fill out the staff. There has been
some vandalism at the pump station. Locks have been installed to protect
these areas. It is possible that the controls have been compromised by a