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From: John McDonnell <>
Date: Apr 29, 2020 8:27 PM
Subject: Golf Course Opening needs help
To: Brent Atkins <>
Cc: Moore Bart <>,Burnett Bryan <>

Brent, Bart, Bryan,
Can you get this out to our golfers. Thanks John

Golden Rain Foundation Board Meeting

Tomorrow the Golden Rain Board will consider reopening the golf course. There is a big push from walkers to keep the course open to walking or to share the course. The CEO has been receiving letters from residents who would like to see that happen. There is likely to be residents speaking during the resident forum time of the board meeting. It would be helpful if golfers would support the opening of the golf course without the walker option.

The board meeting is via ZOOM. So you will need to sign in to the board meeting. Instructions are in the Rossmoor news print and online edition.

I plan to speak as a resident because the GAC has not had a meeting and so we are not on the agenda.
Some points that are worth making:

Golfers pay to use the golf course: The annual fee is almost $2000. Fees can also be paid quarterly or daily by the round of golf. There are golf fees for guests.
The golf course will average 60,000 rounds of golf in a normal year.

Returning toward normal means the course is open to walkers for no fee on Mondays.

The GRF coupon portion for the golf course supports the capital infrastructure of the golf course. In, addition to providing golf for a fee, the golf course also provides:

Support for home values for all residents
A safety corridor for fires.
A green space for all to see
A place for residents to walk on Mondays for no fee
A view for residents and guests.
Maintenance of the golf course and bowling green
Use of the practice facility at no cost to all residents
The golf shop which has sportswear for all.

The portion of the GRF coupon contributes to the above and the golf fees collected helps cover the costs.
We all benefit in some way from the golf course.

Leisure walkers present a hazard on the golf course. Even if a walker were willing to chance geting hit by a golf ball, golfers should not be put at risk for the liability of hitting someone. The fee is a type of contract that allows the golfer to play according to the policy rules set forth by the GRF board. The policy also prescribes time available to walkers.
Golf courses in general, private or public do not allow for walkers on the golf course.

Return to normal means, allowing the resumption of activities as they become available within the bounds of new protocols needed to protect the staff of GRF, safety workers, and residents.

At some point, other fitness venues will be allowed to resume when the time is right and the protocols are established for their opening.