by Joyce McCann – 18ers Rules Chair

Suzanne Olsen and Jeanine Schreiber, certified golf rules officials for the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC), Northern California Golf Association (NCGA), Northern California PGA (NCPGA), and the California Women’s Amateur Championships (CWAC) will present a seminar on Monday February 25th from 9-11 am in the Donner Room at the Event Center on the new Rules of Golf. Both presenters have many years of experience teaching and officiating at numerous tournaments throughout the year.  

The work of the R&A and USGA to achieve this historic revision of the Rules of Golf has been a worldwide project that has taken several years. As the Rules of Golf Committees for the USGA and R&A state:

“This work has been fundamental and far-reaching while preserving golf’s essential principles and character, taking account of the needs of all golfers, and making the Rules easier for all golfers to understand and apply. We believe golfers will find the modernized Rules fairer, less complicated, more  welcoming and more aligned with issues facing the game, such as improved pace of play and environmental stewardship.” 

The new Rules impact all phases of the game, from tee to green. The new Rules will be presented as they apply to common situations we face on our Rossmoor courses. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how the new Rules affect issues that have arisen in your experience playing Dollar and Creekside.

All Rossmoor women golfers are invited. The seminar is free and will be from 9-11 am in the Donner room at the Event Center. Coffee and snacks will be provided. Attendance is limited, so if you would like to attend, please sign up in the white notebook on the counter in the 18er area in the pro shop.