The annual Rules Seminar sponsored by the Women’s 18ers will be held on Monday March 25 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Event Center. The featured speaker is Suzanne Olsen, a certified golf rules official for the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) since 2004.

The presentation will focus on the differences between rules for Stroke Play, Match Play and Play with a Partner. Some of these differences may be a surprise. For example, in some cases when playing with a partner and one person violates a rule both players get the penalty. Also, in some cases, a rules violation that results in a 2-stroke penalty in Stroke play incurs no penalty in Match Play.

This Rules Seminar is especially important for golfers who participate in Team Play events with other clubs. But, it will also be of interest to all Rossmoor golf club members, since a variety of formats including Stroke play, Match play, and play with a Partner are included among Rossmoor clubs’ weekly tournaments.

Olsen has officiated at many Team Play events over the years and will discuss the rules, answer questions, and share anecdotes (probably including some horror stories) from numerous experiences officiating at Team Play events. Golfers are encouraged to ask questions and discuss experiences playing Team Play and Rossmoor golf tournaments.

The Seminar is free and open to all Rossmoor golfers. Registration closes March 21. Register early as space is limited. Click here to sign-up: