GOLF SHOP NEWS by Mark Heptig

There have been many challenges this year. The pandemic has far reaching consequences across all parts of our lives. Even when it comes to maintaining a golf course. We at no point this year had a full crew on the golf course maintenance staff. When Covid-19 arrived, we went into a hiring freeze and had two spots open on the 12-man staff. Then, when we finally got the chance to fill vacancies present staff got sick or were unable to work. At this time, we are still one man down. Yet, somehow, we still provided a pretty good playing surface for most of the year and completed several important projects. Here is a list of those projects completed in 2020.
• Increased turf density on many greens surround and approaches on the Dollar Course. Holes #3, #6, #8, #12, #13 and #15 are much better than 2019.
• Renovated bunkers at #2 green side on Creekside Course and #4 and #5 (all bunkers) Creekside Course.
• Replaced Kirby distance markers on Creekside Course.
• Repainted yardage distance lines on the cart paths of both courses.
• Installed drain lines on the slope and approach #15 green Dollar Ranch Course.
• Installed first phase of drain lines on #1 Creekside Course.
• Installed first phase of drain lines at the left end of the #18 rough on Dollar Ranch Course.
• Replaced short goose eradication fence that surrounds the irrigation pond.
• Installed gravel-based access service road (covered with redwood mulch) to the main pump station by the range.
• Completed the construction of an alternate blue tee on #16 Dollar Ranch Course.
• Started replacing the Kirby distance markers on the Dollar Ranch Course.
• Replaced the stairs at the #4 tee and #9 green Dollar Ranch Course.
• We will soon be planting about 30 trees on the two courses.
Thank you to all the golfers who support our efforts to make the golf courses better each year. It is an ongoing process that never ends. We have made dramatic changes in the last 5, 10 and 20 years and hope to have many more in the coming years. Next week we will look at our project list heading into 2021!
For all those who have credit on the books…please begin coming into the shop to spend your loot! We can always order items if we do not have them in stock. If you are not sure what your credit balance is, just check at the counter or call the golf shop. Thanks, Mark