Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: July 31, 2013

When is Golf a Picnic?
On 18ers’ Guest Day

Last Thursday the weather cooperated perfectly for the 18ers’ mid-season guest day, Picnic on the Green. Sixty players competed in three flights. It was the bee’s knees.*

Chairs Janice Davis and Jean Carroll chose a modified shamble format for the tournament in which cart partners teed off and chose the best drive. Each player played their own ball in from there. After putting out, the best net ball of the two partnerships were added together for the team score. Along the way were special contests: closest to the the hole on second shot on #13 and closest to the hole on #16.

After golf the famished group enjoyed a hearty picnic lunch at Creekside, indoors for the comfort of cool air after four hours of exertion. No ants, no flies.

Winners were then announced:
First Flight: 1. Sil Jung, Juna Lee, Grace Nitta, Frances McDonnell, 115; 2. Jean Carroll, Debbie Keener, Nancy Groswird, Sylvia Landgraf, 117; 3. Pil Choo, Catherine Fisch, Anna Kim, Haija Kim, 119.
Second Flight: 1. Jodi Rice, Julie Carlson, Gerda Peterson, Nancy Gates, 114. 2.Pat Deisem, Inez Scrivner, Garnett Shelly, Mary Federico, 115. 3. Lore Cuttle,Meredith Stanten, Dorothea Gehb, Carmen Leighton, 116.
Third Flight: 1. Joan Baggett, Mary Jean Kidd, Linda Ingalls, Laurie Reich, 115. 2. Marcia Belcher, Donna Walls, Maryann Cucchiaro, Vanida Nalamlieng, 125. 3. Teruko Lapierre, Angela Logsdon, Aster Tamagata, Betty Goto, 126.

*A bee’s pollen-baskets are located on the mid-segments of its legs. The phrase “the bee’s knees,” meaning “the best,” became popular in 1920s.