On Wednesday 57 players showed up to test their skills on 9 out of the 18 holes having punched greens – so on the front nine with those greens punched it had to be more perseverance than skill to get to the real greens on the back nine and be able to find a real putting stroke after hammering the ball and never knowing exactly where it would be bouncing.

First Flight Winner Team 4 – Karl Stinson, Alan Brown, Craig Hill and Steve Dennis
Second Place Team 5 – Pat Kelly, Dallas Amos, Jim Mcgillivray and Marc Raynor
Third Place Team 2 – Don Terry, Darrell Web and Jim Mccann – played as 3 man team.

Second Flight Winner Team 12 – Michael Kiefer, Mark Ostler, Rod Lee and James Dillworth
Second Place Team 6 – Bill Herrick, Don Loustalet, Bob Thompson and Bruce Hicks
Third Place Team 7 – Frank Reynolds, Alan Bierce, Patrick Phelps and Merle Eaton

Callaway Flight Winner Tie
Team 10 – Daryl Mathews, Ken Kantor and Dave Fisher playing as 3 man team.
Team 11 – Michael Jordan, Hal Weimer, Jerry Mikuls, Arnold Wong
Third Place Tie
Team 13 – Tim Christoffersen, Craig Cole, Kevin McCullough played as 3 man team
Team 9 – Burke Ferrari, Bob Smith, Roger Bass and Dave Smith

Creekside Flight 9 Holes
Two teams entered and tied
Tee 1A – Rene Herrerias, Joe McElroy, Tom Hannon and Doug Amsden
Tee 1B – Gaylord Thorne, Phil Thorne, Phil Neff and Don Martin

In summation 15 teams entered and 12 teams finished in the money. The 3 teams that didn’t will remain anonymous to protect the innocent or guilty – you choose.