Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: June 5, 2013

Jean Carroll Is Handicap Champion
Grace Nitta Is Runner Up

In the finals of the 18ers Handicap Tournament, four golfers competed in a playoff for overall Champion. All four women were already winners of their respective flights having won three prior matches.
Those playing for the Championship were:
Flight 1: Grace Nitta; Flight 2: Jeanne Carroll; Flight 3: Bari Mantel; Flight 4:
Teddi Swanson.

Jean Carroll emerged to victory becoming the 2013 Handicap Champion. Her
name will be engraved on a perpetual trophy. Grace Nitta was Runner Up in a close match with Carroll. Teddi Swanson was third and Bari Mantel was fourth. All played excellent golf and exhibited the
necessary endurance to place in this lengthy tournament.

Captain Peggy Yamada treated the 18ers to a lunch to celebrate her first hole-inone on the fourth hole of Dollar Ranch in March. Dickey Nitta served up BBQ’d hamburgers with all the trimmings and extras.

Golf Pro and emcee Terry Hall presented the awards at Dollar Ranch, amidst festive decorations. The format chosen by Co-Chairs Inger Björnsson and Janice Davis resulted in awards to all players who finished the tournament. They presented a lei composed of candy, golf balls, money, ear rings, and fun things to Champion Jean Carroll. The lei was made by Social Chair Grace Nitta who also
did the decorations.

18ers June Schedule
Tournament Chair Helen Heibert reminds that play day shotguns will continue at 8:30 am through June. Check in time is 8 am.

The June schedule is: June 6, Charm Girl–Low Net; June 13, Odd and Even; June 20, Invitational “Around the World”; June 27, Charm Girl, WGANC Pin Day, Eclectic.