On Wednesday May 2, 2018, 52 men and 33 women teed off in the inaugural RMGC/Women’s 18ers Par 3 Tournament. A great time was had by including some really good competition. All the holes on Dollar Ranch were set up as par 3s with some interesting tee box placement. Only holes 2, 4, and 10 played from the normal tee box position but with different tee placement than normal on those boxes. The men played from the White tees and the women from the red. There were 4 flights for the men and 3 for the women for a total of 7 flights. There separate prizes for low gross and low net for the men’s and the women’s flights. No Team was allowed to win more than one prize.

In the men’s flights the winners were as follows: FIRST FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1 – Brent Atkins/Michael Kiefer; 2 – Jack Meng/Steve Roath: Low Net: 1 – John McDonnell/Rich Scheffer; 2 – Harry Laiolo/Mike Oakey; 3 – Chuck Moran/Curtis Mitchell. SECOND FLIGHT: Low Gross”: 1-Charles Clare/Mel Simpson; 2-Harry Palcologos/Richard Wheeler; Lpw Net: 1-John Newman/Karl Stinson; 2-Dallas Amos/Pat Kelly; 3-James Soo Hoo/Pang Man; THIRD FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1-Rod Lee/Roger Bass; 2-Chuck Leong/Henry Liu; Low Net: 1(TIE) Dick Hurley/Bill Herrick and Bob Smith/Phillip Nef; 3-Colin Ferrett/Ken Handy; FOURTH FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1(TIE) Cecil Chang/Elmer Chinn AND Frank Reynolds/Blind; Low Net: 1-Andrew Munn/James Ware; 2-James Graham/Richard Walsh; 3-Jay Kutler/Robert Day.

In the women’s flights the winners were as follows: FIRST FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1-Janice Davis/Joyce McCann;
2-Gail Ramirez/Grace Nitta; Low Net: 1(TIE) Marva Nielsen/Nancy Groswird and Lynda Pritchett/Margo Dutton; 3-Joan Munn/Nikki Affinito; SECOND FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1-Joanne Brennan/Karin Romak; 2-Marian Handy/Teddi Swanson; Low Net: 1-Judy Fletcher/Mary Ann Higgins; 2-Denise Pratt/Robin Moreau; 3-Joan Barbara Baggett/Maryjean Kidd; THIRD FLIGHT: Low Gross: 1-Kay Doyle/Lori Lynn; 2-Carole Geoghegan/Linda Scheffer; Low Net: 1-Kathleen Young/Patricia Taylor; 2-Del Poirier/Marcia Belcher; 3-Alice Liu/Deanna Leong

This was a great event and provided ample opportunity for the two clubs to enjoy a day of camaraderie and golf. The weather was great Stan Giddeon and his team provided a great lunch with beverages included. Both the RMGC and the Women’s 18ers want to give a special thank you to Brent Mulanax for his hard work in figuring out the scores and the winners since no team could win but one prize. Great job, Brent!!