by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor 18er members (61) played the third Charm and Eclectic event on July 16.  Jean Carroll scored the low net of 66 for the field and wins the third lucky charm girl event.  Carroll will be eligible to compete in the Charm Playoff later in the year.  Congratulations Jean!
Here are the results:
First flight:  first place Daisy Soo Hoo net 71, second place Sophia Kim net 73, third place Janet Choi (won tie breaker) net 75 and fourth place Jayoung Lee net 75.  Second flight:  first place Margaret Hamilton net 73, second place Denise Pratt (won tie breaker) net 74, third place Toni Snyder net 74 and fourth place Pat Deisem net 75.
Third flight:  first place Karin Romak net 69, second place Teddi Swanson (won tie breaker) net 75, third place Maryjean Kidd net 75 and fourth place Lana Yagle net 76.  Fourth flight:  first place Jean Carroll net 66, second place Judy Fletcher net 73, third place Charlene Gonzalez net 76 and fourth place Mitzi Weinberg net 79.
Chip-ins were made by Robin Moreau hole 2, Maryjean Kidd hole 8 and Joanne Kim hole 16.
Birdies were hit by Ann Hamilton hole 2, Janet Choi hole 15, Soonee Kim, Mitzi Weinberg, Joanne Kim, Jean Carroll and Jayoung Lee hole 16
There are three more Charm Events are scheduled on the calendar:  July 30, August 20 and October 15.  The Charm Playoff is scheduled for November 5.
Don’t forget to sign up for the August 6 and 13 Classic Tournament.