by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
The 18ers played the third Charm event on July 5th.  There was a field of 28 players and Joanne Kim shot a low net of 66 for the field claiming the Charm title for the month of July.
Here are the results:  1st flight Joanne Kim net 66 for first place; Peggy Yamada net 70 for second place; Nancy Groswird net 72 for third place.  2nd flight Robin Moreau net 71 for first place; Pat Taylor net 72 for second place; Ai Soon Hong net 75 for third place.
First place winners receive $8, second place $6 and third place $4.
Birdies were made by Sue Yoon hole 4, Joanne Kim hole 13, Ai Soon Hong hole 16, Pat Taylor hole 14, and Peggy Yamada hole 16.
Chip-ins were made by Sue Yoon hole 2, Ai Soon Hong on hole 13, and Pat Taylor hole 14.
Lucky Charm players to date:  Marlene Seffern, Grace Nitta, and Joanne Kim.
There will be three more Charm events for a total of six Charm winners to compete for the lucky charm title later in the year.