It has been a few weeks since we returned to enjoying OUR golf course. I thought I would pass on a few thoughts I’ve had since we’ve been able to return to our pastime.

1) I applaud the golfing community for the awesome response we’ve had in voicing our opinion regarding golf course utilization; i.e., the walking vs golfing issue. This weeks Rossmoor news was an excellent show of support for voicing our opinion on the subject. The letters were thoughtful, sincere and clearly identified our concerns. KEEP IT UP.

Now that we’re out on the course it’s time to remember our responsibilities in careing for the golf course. The better we do the better the course will be and the cheaper it will be to maintain.

2) FIX YOUR DIVOTS IN THE FAIRWAYS!!! Replace your divot OR sand the divot. Even better replace your divot AND sand it. It will help the dirt patch grow new grass more quickly, especially as we move into the heat of summer.

3) FIX YOUR BALL MARKS ON THE GREENS!!! Even better – fix your ball mark AND 2 others.

4) ENTER YOUR SCORES!!! A spot check indicated we are weak on this matter. YES – the rounds we’re playing ARE legal scores for entering into the GHIN system. Everybody is playing in the same environment with the raised cups, etc. Remember, at the Spring Members meeting the Board reminded everyone we would be checking and enforcing the ‘enter your scores’ requirement to maintain the integrity of the game.

To enter a score with the ProShop unavailable: go to, enter your ghin # and name, follow the subsequent instructions. VERY EASY!

Can’t wait for 4-somes. We’re working with Mark to get something resembling a tournament scheduled.

Thanks, Brent Atkins