Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: June 27, 2013

Friends, Golf, Prizes, Good Weather
Add Up To Fun at Ladies’ Invitational

Months of planning go into a big golf tournament. Weather can’t be planned. This year the 18ers enjoyed perfect weather and a wonderfully planned event at their annual guest Invitational.

The tournament, themed Around The World, began with a big, hot breakfast from Creekside Grill to prepare the ladies for their golfing journey. Each received a light weight zip-up windbreaker to take on their trip. The field of 30 teams of four played in four flights with the following results.

First Flight: 1. Grace Nitta, Pil Choo, Yvonne Lee, Kyung Park; 2. Karen Romak, Alice Sprague, Fran McDonnell, Edon Anderson; 3. Agnes Shin, Olivia Hsueh, Barbara York, Linda Boeka; 4. Janet Choi, Sil Jung, Nancy Park, Jeon Cho.
Second Flight: 1. Pat Taylor, Linda Scheffer, Caryl Larson, Barbara Shoop; 2. Jean Carroll, Mitzi Weinberg, Fran Gentry, Fran Whipple; 3. Betty Trainor, Karo Dean, Susan Schmal, Rita Kowalski; 4. Peggy Roth, Cletia Bowron, Cheryl Welch,Debra O’Regan.
Third Flight: 1.Dorothy Mizono, Louise Chien, Sue Klass, Diane Haist; 2. Diane Matony, Georgia Gordon, Sun Baker, Phoebe Choy; 3. Garnett Shelly, Nancy Groswird, Irma Beckman, Sylvia Landgraf; 4. Peggy Yamada, Vicky Riddle, Sue Leob, Beverly Meimbress.
Fourth Flight: 1. Robin Moreau, Teddi Swanson, Danielle Sanchez, Susan Chipman; 2. Madeline Deiro, Rosalie Devlin, Callie Hernandez, Barbara DeVincenzi; 3. Donna Rhodes, Helen Hiebert, Dorothy Cuiestusa, Barbara May; 4. Marcia Belcher, Sharon Ramos, Dee Appleton, Mary Ann Garvey.

Closest to the Pin awards on Hole 16 went to Grace Nitta, member, and Suzanne Olsen, guest.

Appetizers and drinks were waiting for the travelers after golf in the Fireside Room followed by a delicious lunch catered by Englunds. The committee then raffled off over 50 prizes including golf, dining, and services.

The globe-trotters finally called it a day and not one suffered jet lag. Pilot Wayne Weckerlin welcomes 18ers aboard at their Around the World guest invitational golf tournament.