When you read this article, RMGC will have completed 2 tournaments. We sincerely hope that
you enjoyed the competition and getting together. Your Board of Directors work diligently to
put on good programs and Covid-19 has given us additional obstacles to complete that goal.
Everything from each golfer needing to drive their own carts and our inability to provide you a
great day of golf including lunch and prizes are part of our frustration..

Over the next 3 to 4 months, the club is planning several tournaments. They will include the
6X6X6 Better Ball, Scramble and Alternate Shot tourney which will be held (unless cancelled by
Contra Costa County) on August 5. Match play over a three-day period, Rainbow Scramble,
Twilight Par 3 and Stroke Play tournaments will follow. The exact dates of these events will be
provided to you as soon as they are confirmed, giving you ample time to sign up.

The RMGC Board of Directors are available to you at any time. Our contact info is found on the
Rossmoor Men’s Golf Club’s web site, www.rossmoorgolf.com. The site provides a lot of
information. It includes the upcoming events as well as their results and cash prizes
(postmortem), a list of Home and Away events when they’ll be allowed, interesting stories and
photos that the membership may want to share as well as lists of our Past Champions, Past

I believe that it is important to remember The Mission of The Rossmoor Men’s Golf Club is to
provide an excellent golf experience while at the same time promoting fellowship and
camaraderie among its membership.

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have questions, please give me a call. I’ll try to point
you to the right place to get the answers.

Mark Weiss