18ers Golf Ladies Participated in a Low Putts Competition

By: Teddi Swanson Club Correspondent

On November 17, 38 members of the Rossmoor Women’s 18-Hole Golf Club played in a Low Putts competition. Prizes were awarded to the top 8 ladies with the lowest putts in the round of 18.

Agnes Shin was 1st with 28 putts, followed by Peggy Yamada with 29, Anna Kim with 30, Pat Deisem with 31, Setsuko Yusa with 31, Claudia Terry with 32, Del Poirer with 33 and Robin Moreau with 33.

In the couple of times there was a tie it was broken on the back nine. Birdies were made by Claudia Terry on Hole 4 and Theresa Kim on Hole 16. Chip-in was made by Marian King on Hole 15.

Congratulations to all winners and players on their last day of group shotguns for the 2016 season. November 17 was the Last Day of Group Shotgun play for 2016. Going forward until Spring 2017 on Thursdays the ladies will need to make their own tee times and set up their own games.