It has been awhile since I have sent any emails. I hope this message finds you healthy and hanging tough through this most difficult situation. I am continuing to hold up in the golf shop (it is amazing how much cleaning, reorganizing and meetings can fill a day) coming in generally Tuesday-Friday from 9:00-3:00 and then also working remotely from home. The rest of the golf shop staff has been furloughed with pay and the golf course crew has been working very diligently to complete all the spring maintenance projects. I wanted to reach out to you with this article to make you aware of three things.

The golf courses and practice areas continue to be closed. I have heard some disturbing news during this last week that people have seen either golfers or just individuals abusing the courses (kids playing in bunkers, bikes on greens, etc.) They have called Securitas for help and gotten the “there is nothing we can do” attitude. That attitude has been adjusted. IF YOU SEE ANYTHING AMISS/WRONG ON THE GOLF COURSES AND PRACTICE AREAS PLEASE CALL SECURITAS AT FRONT GATE (925) 988-7899. I am here, but can only react to what I see out my window. Our security team is in change of protecting each aspect of the Rossmoor facilities (clubhouses, tennis courts, lawn bowling…).
Please check out the website soon. Under Golf tab you will soon find short video clips called “Rossmoor Golf Tips”. The staff and I are putting together a number of instructional videos on improving your setup, swing, fitness and the mental side of the game. Hope you enjoy and get something out of them!
Finally, we will get through this. Even today I was working on plans of what it might look like to check in and play golf. We will have to adjust to new procedures, masks and distancing. But, I will do whatever is necessary so that we can all enjoy this great game asap!
Have a nice weekend, Mark Heptig, Director of Golf