by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

We’ve all heard the saying that “it takes a village” to get something accomplished. Here in Rossmoor that is truly the situation for women golfers in the 18ers golf  club.

The club has 100 members who enjoy close to 50 days of golf-related events. Those include regular Thursday play days, Team Play, Guest days, Championship tournaments, Rules presentations and holiday luncheons.

So, how does this all happen? The Board of Directors, comprised of four elected officials and ten appointed positions work throughout the year meeting, planning and organizing the events.

This is the first of a series of articles introducing the Board members and explaining the roles they fill in the club.

Captain, Daisy SooHoo, conducts monthly meetings where the entire Board meet, either in person or on Zoom (compliments to COVID) and present their reports. Co-Captain Ann Hamilton functions as the Captain’s right-hand woman. Treasurer MaryJean Kidd is taxed with overseeing all monetary functions. Secretary Kathy Wolf records information from the board meeting.

The appointed Board members are Tournament Co-Chairs, Joan Binnings and Lana Yagle, who run every Thursday play day; Social Chair, Agnes Shin, provides catering and decorations; Rules Chair, Joyce McCann, keeps the club updated with USGA rules of Golf; Handicap Chair, Theresa Kim, keeps track of players’ handicaps for fair competitions.

Teddi Swanson is Membership chair recruiting and welcoming new members. Laura Kim is in charge of the Tech Committee and keeps all members informed on upcoming events and issues, and sends out mass communications. Claudia Terry is website coordinator and assists with the Tech Committee. And Toni Snyder, Ambassador, is our liaison with NCGA/WGANC.

In the next issue you will hear more about these dedicated women.

Pictured are from left: Joyce McCann, Lana Yagle, Joan Binnings, Robin Moreau, Theresa Kim, Claudia Terry and Toni Snyder.