I write to you, as your 2020 President, to inform you of upcoming items of importance to the club and golf at Rossmoor. I have three (3) items to share with you:

1)     Reduced hours of golf on Creekside (for sure) and maybe on both courses. There has been a steady input of words, to our GRF Board of Directors (BoD), regarding the reduced availability of daylight walking time since the time change.

2)     Rumors of Creekside golf course being permanently closed.

3)     Golf Operations budget issues.

I will provide my thoughts on each items. However, I do so from a position of little actual information, other than being advised of the above “off the record” from a reliable source.

Reduced hours of golf on Creekside; This one is probably a done deal. It is dark earlier. Not having non-golf access to Creekside until 6;00PM does mean that those activities occur in darkness. The darkness does create a safety issue for residents out on the course pursuing their activities. I personally doubt that any words from golfers will defer some change in Creekside golf hours by the GRF BoD. If the Dollar Ranch course hours of golf are impacted I suspect we’ve seen a fundamental shift in the philosophy of golf at Rossmoor. We have many valid objections to such an action: We’ve already paid for access to the golf courses (via the annual pass) OR pay as we play – no other activity at Rossmoor charges the residents for usage of the facilities (except RV parking). Less golf does NOT equate to ANY reduction in maintenance or labor costs because to grass will still need to be cut, drainage maintained, trees managed, etc. Our golf fees significantly assist the GRF BoD to maintaining the “golf operation” portion of the coupon at the lowest number possible. (I remind everyone we assist in paying for & maintaining the lawn bowling / bocce playing courts.)

Creekside closure: Wow – what a thought to put my head around!. However, I do not discount the possibility that the subject has been discussed. If such a thing occurred it would indeed confirm a permanent change in the philosophy of golf at Rossmoor and (maybe) about a lot of other things. A change that would be difficult to undo – ever!!! We need to keep are eyes and ears open on this item.

Golf Operations budget issues: When the last reduction in golf hours occurred there was NO reduction in the master golf budget to accommodate the lost opportunity to achieve the revenue projections. This resulted in ‘skewed’ numbers passed up the food chain about golf (and subsequently reported in the Rossmoor News as “unfavorable to budget”). These actions portrayed a negative picture; were most unfair to our Director of Golf in his ability to achieve his revenue goals; and, presented a untrue story about golf to the Rossmoor community. A return to reduced hours MUST include budget revenue revisions to accurately reflect the potential budget revenue numbers. (Golfers surprised everyone with how much money we spent upon our return to the courses when finally allowed! I ‘think’ we eliminated the ‘negative to budget’)

So … what now:

ATTEND and PARTICPATE in the Dec 3rd GRF BoD MEETING (and subsequent meetings). My time here has shown me it does make a difference.

WRITE TO THE GRF BoD. State your opinion on the matters listed above. Be passionate; be civil with your words; and, be heard. I am POSITVE each GRF Director receives EVERY email we send. It gives each of us the opportunity to have out words considered on these matters. (I have personal experience that my written input has resulted in direct action by a GRF Board member.)

INSIST your club BoD provide the consolidated opinion (on these matters) of club members to the GRF BoD.

DEMAND your Golf Advisory Committee (GAC) provide a consolidated opinion representing ALL the Rossmoor golf club(s) (and non-members golfers )to the GRF BoD. Additionally, our GAC Representatives need to provide timely feedback from the GRF BoD so that the clubs may keep their members informed of items related to golf operations.

Our email system does NOT accept replies, so …

I am available to every Member:

256-509-5906 (c)

Brent Atkins

2020 RMGC President