Mystery Play Day and First Charm Day Results

On March 16 thirty Rossmoor 18ers took to the fairways to vie for first place in the low net Charm Day competition. There was also a “Mystery” format where players drew straws to find out which hole they would begin their round on, and with whom they would play the round. It was a nice way for 18ers to mix and mingle with players they may not ordinarily be matched up with. Results for the day were:

First flight Joyce McCann 1st place with net 69, Agnes Shin 2nd place with net 69, Theresa Kim 3rd place with net 71, Margo Dutton 4th place with net 72

Second Flight: Olivia Hsueh  1st place with net 70, Soonee Kim 2nd place with net 70, Nancy Park 3rd place with net 74, Gail Ramirez 4th place with net 74.

Third Flight: Marcia Belcher 1st place with net 75, Vickie Kelly 2nd place with net 76; Mo Mobberley 3rd place with net 79, Shin Kim 4th place with net 79.

Olivia Hsueh had a birdie on Hole 16; Jane Lee had a chip-in on Hole 4.

Joyce McCann and Agnes Shin tied with their low net scores of 69 but McCann was the Charm Day winner because her score on the back nine was lower than Shin’s.