On Tuesday, April 18, Rossmoor 18er Nancy Groswird hit her fifth hole-in-one using a 5-wood on Hole 7 of the Creekside course. Her last hole-in-one was July 10th, 2016, so she has had two holes-in-one in less than a calendar year. The golf gods are definitely smiling upon Nancy lately.

On April 20th, twenty-three 18ers played in the second Mystery Play Day of the season. The format for the game was low net and straws were drawn to form foursomes in order to break with routine and allow for 18ers to play with people they might not have played with before, hopefully encouraging new friendships and camaraderie amongst the members of the club. Another change from past routines was that winners won golf balls instead of cash, with the first place winners in each flight winning four golf balls, third place winners winning three balls, second place winners winning two balls and fourth place winners winning one golf ball.

Winners for the first flight were:

1st place – Olivia Hsueh with net 74, 2nd place – Nancy Park with net 76, 3rd place – Soonee Kim with net 77, 4th place – Chong Harney with net 79.

Winners for the second flight were:

1st place – Nancy Ringelstein with net 83, 2nd place – Kay Doyle with net 86, 3rd place – Jacky Dunn with net 87, 4th place – Marlene Seffern with net 88.

Next week’s tournament will be an Odd/Even Partner event where twosomes will use one player’s net score for the odd-numbered holes, and the other player’s net score for the even-numbered holes. It must be decided in advance and marked on the card which player will be odd and which one will be even.