Rossmoor has withdrawn from the 2020 Team Match Play season.

The decision was made after the last re-shuffle of clubs assigned to our POD. However, the overall difficulties Tom & I encountered were eventually too hard to overcome to justify continuing this season.

Current Rossmoor rules limit gatherings to 12 people. The average body count last year (per match) averaged about 30 people when the setup team, match participants and clean-up crew were considered.

A location to conduct post match scoring, food/drinks, etc. was essentially impossible to determine and schedule . This was highlighted by the recent re-instatement of several County health directives. Box lunches, etc. were considered but being a self-funded activity this would have required a higher cash outlay for each participant. Tom & I were not comfortable with the numbers and the environment.

Carts were a serious consideration this year. Normally, the ProShop has comp’d the carts, green fees, etc. With the current ‘single person per cart’ rule in effect for all play at Rossmoor this was a issue. The ProShop was VERY generous in their offer this year but could not meet our overall needs. I strongly suspect the ProShop’s generous offer would have impacted their ability to satisfy our Resident(s) needs for carts – something Tom & I considered unacceptable. We considered soliciting Members carts to fill in the shortfall but we finally concluded it would be too cumbersome for all – especially when including practice rounds, etc.

Finally, the last shuffle of clubs within our POD was not good for Rossmoor. The final POD consisted to Rossmoor, Oakhurst CC, Tracy CC and Copper Valley CC (the old Saddle Creek). The distances for Copper Valley (in Copperopolis) and and Tracy CC (down I-580 towards I-5) were too much for a day outing.

So .. Sorry guys! Tom & I really were looking forward to the Team Match Play season this year. We had received good pre-season interest, especially from several new Residents that were looking forward to their new life here at Rossmoor. Waiting for next years season won’t be as bad as it sounds NOW!

Brent Atkins, co-captain & Tom Snyder, co-captain