by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

On Thursday, Aug. 17, the Rossmoor Women’s 18ers held the fifth Charm Day of the season. New Member Barbara Musante emerged as the overall winner with a spectacular net score of 66. Musante will have the opportunity to compete in the end-of-season playoff in which all six Charm contenders will compete for the ultimate prize of Charm Winner. The sixth and final Charm Day will be held on Aug. 31, and the playoff is scheduled for Nov. 9.

Other notable scores were shot by Grace Nitta with a net of 68, Ann Hamilton, Nancy Park, Marsha Jennings and Anna Kim with respective scores of net 69, and Pat McSween and Daisy Soo Hoo with net scores each of 70.

Birdies were shot by Ann Hamilton on hole 5, Sophia Kim on hole 6, Joyce McCann on hole 11 and Soo Hoo on hole 18. McCann had the lone chip-in of the day on hole 11.

There will be the second annual Cocktail Social held tonight from 4:30 to 6:00 at the Dollar Clubhouse Patio. This event is a new tradition designed for members of the club to gather and get to know one another off of the golf course. Appetizers and beverages, both nonalcoholic and alcoholic, will be served.

The third and final Guest Day will be held on Sept. 7 and will be a casual day with no formal tournament or organized breakfast or lunch. Participants need not have a handicap to play as there are no prizes to win. Signup is available on the 18ers signup portal online until registration closes on Sept. 5.