Run date November 20, 2013
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent
The Rossmoor Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club had an excellent turnout for one of their final tournaments of the year on November 7th. Judging from the high numbers of birdies and chip-ins, the players came with their A games for this tournament.

The results for the first flight were as follows: 1st low net Inger Bjornsson, 2nd low net Claudia Terry, 3rd low net S. Kim. In the second flight the results were: 1st low net Jane Lee, 2nd low net AS Hong, 3rd low net del Poirier. For the third flight the results were: 1st low net Nancy Ringelstein, 2nd low net Teddi Swanson and 3rd low net Marilyn Treppa. The 4th flight results were: 1st low net Donna Rhodes, 2nd low net Barbara Crane and 3rd low net Marcia Belcher.

There were birdies galore from several of the competitors. Claudia Terry birdied hole 2. Agnes Shin birdied hole 2 as well as holes 10 and 11. Inger Bjornsson birdied holes 2 and 11. Janet Choi and Sook Suh birdied hole 16. Donna Rhodes had chip-ins on holes 12 and 18 and La Verne Parrott had one on hole 15.

There are only two tournaments left for this year. All playing members should take advantage of the unseasonably great weather we are having.

Please note that winter rules are presently in effect on the Rossmoor Golf courses. Please see the inset
for the definition of winter rules on our courses.
On November 14th the Rossmoor Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club held the playoffs for the Charm.
Contestants who had previously won a charm during charm tournaments held throughout 2013 competed for the actual charm. Hyosook Suh was the playoff winner of the charm. Inez Scrivner was second and Inger Bjornsson was third.

For the remainder of the field the results were as follows:
First Flight
1st low net Robin Moreau
2nd low net Jane Lee
3rd low net Peggy Yamada
Second Flight
1st low net Mitzi Weinberg
2nd low net Teddi Swanson
3rd low net Joan Baggett
Third Flight
1st low net Barbara Crane
2nd low net Shin Kim
3rd low net Madeline Deiro

There was a good supply of birdies and chip-ins as well. Jane Lee birdied hole 2. Grace Nitta birdied hole
15 and Inez Scrivner managed a chip-in on hole 10 which resulted in a birdie and also chipped in on hole
17. Jane Lee chipped in at hole 15 and Rosalie Devlin chipped in at hole 7.