by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent
On Thursday, October 20, the 18ers enjoyed a most interesting format, called NUTTS. Although it sounds like players might be disgusted with their game, or maybe collecting the bountiful acorns on the golf course, NUTTS is actually a game where a player counts her net score on each hole, then adds her putts. This is a great format for those who are strong putters, because fewer putts equal a lower score.

Players who capitalized on their putting skills and were able to minimize shots to the green entered the winners circle, and are as follows:

First flight, first place, Joanne Kim; second place, Olivia Hsueh; third place, Sue Yoon; fourth place, Daisy Soo Hoo.
Second flight winners were, first place, Andrea Alpine; second place, Joan Binnings; third place, Ann Hamilton; fourth place, Laura Kim.
Third flight winners were, first place, Anna Kim; second place, Jane Lee; third place, Esta Podberesky; fourth place, Lynda Pritchett.
Fourth flight winners were, first place, Juna Lee; second place, Jacky Dunn; third place, Karin Romak; fourth place, Aisoon Hong.
Fifth flight winners were, first place, Donna Wagner; second place, Maryhelen Greaves; third place, Virginia Lawson; fourth place, Stella Chan.

There were an unusually large number of birdies scored and the birdie girls were: Jacky Dunn on hole 2, Claudia Terry on holes 1 and 13, Nancy Park, holes 13 and 15, Joanne Kim, holes 14 and 16, Theresa Kim, hole 16, Sue Yoon and Ann Hamilton, hole 18. Chip-ins were made by Laura Kim and Donna Wagner on hole 1, Maryhelen Greaves on hole 8, and Lynda Pritchett on hole 17.

The competitive year is rapidly coming to an end. On October 27, the club had the annual Halloween Bash and general membership meeting. Along with the usual competition and crazy hat contest, incoming officers were voted in for the 2023 term. The Charm play-off is scheduled for November 3, where six charm day winners will compete for the overall title. Those competing are, Del Poirer, Jacky Dunn, Jane Lee, Joanne Kim, Jayoung Lee, and Nancy Park. The final day of play for the 18ers is Thursday, November 17 and the year-end Holiday Party will be on December 8.