Just received the attached email from Oakhurst. As you can see there has been a scheduling screw up and there are no tee times now available for the scheduled match on May 28. Thanks to everyone who did sign up.
Our next scheduled Away matches are at Discovery Bay on June 10 and Berkeley on July 1, followed by Blackhawk on July 22. Luckily, our remaining six matches after that take place between early August and late October. Hopefully, we will get some golf in by then.

From: Larry Sheppard <>
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020 6:45 PM
To: Burke Ferrari
Subject: Seniors at Oakhurst

Hello Burke – Bad News!! I went by Oakhurst today to confirm a Senior event next Thursday (5/21). We are going to play a small tournament with just our Senior group. I mentioned to our head pro that we should expect a small group from Rossmoor on the 28th (this event has been on the schedule since last October). Our head pro told me that she “assumed” we wouldn’t be playing any Senior events in May so didn’t save any tee times for the 28th and, as has been the case since we’ve reopened, there were no tee openings that day until late afternoon. I am sure that I had informed her that the event might still happen but she either didn’t remember or made the decision on her own. Anyway, I apologize but we’ll need to call off the event on the 28th.

Sorry – Larry