By Teddi Swanson

Club Correspondent


On October 29 the 18ers came out for the annual Halloween Bash and the dreaded orange ball tourney. That orange ball seems to have a mind of its own at times. The format of the day was two best net balls of foursome with an orange ball rotating among the four players. The orange ball always counted as one of the two net balls. This year’s match also had a good fairy watching and if a team lost their orange ball they would be flighted together for the winner of those who lost their orange ball. The players wore Halloween themed hats and visors as well as their orange and black. The golf pros photographed the ladies as they checked in for golf and together chose the three top costume winners. The winners were announced by Court Jester, Wayne Weckerlin, PGA Assistant. As photographed this year’s first place winner is Anna Kim with Marilyn Treppa and Sue Fleck tying for second.

The golf results are: Pumpkin Flight: first, Agnes Shin, Aileen Choi, Grace Nitta and Joanne Kim with a score of 133 and second was a tie between Claudia Terry, Janice Davis, Marlene Seffern and Teddi Swanson as well as Lynda Pritchett, Margo Dutton, Nancy Groswird and Robin Moreau with scores of 144, Squash Flight: first, Deanna Leong, Karin Romak, Olivia Hsueh and Sue Fleck with a 138, second, Aisoon Hong, Jane Lee, Marilyn Treppa and Mitzi Weinberg with a 140, third , Diane Matoney, Garnet Shelly, Inez Scrivner and Kay Doyle with 144. Orange Flight, first Del Poirier, Madeline Deiro, Marcia Belcher and Nancy Ringelstein with 136, second Barbara Schuroff, Denise Pratt, Melinda Hall and Pat Deisem with 153 and third, Aster Yamagata, Betty Treanor, Donna Rhodes and Dorothy Mizono with 154. Finally the Good Fairy flight winner was Anna Kim, Juna Lee, Nancy Seol Park, and Theresa Kim with 137. Chip-ins were had by Dorothy Mizono on 17, Helen Chung on 16, Joan Munn on 4, Janice Davis on 15 and Robin Moreau on 11. Birdies were had by Anna Kim on 16 and Grace Nitta on 3.

The golf was followed by a sandwich lunch and General Meeting. The 2016 officers were elected unanimously. They are Captain Margo Dutton, Co-Captain Teddi Swanson, Treasurer Olivia Hsueh and Secretary Carolyn Riding.

Upcoming Events

November 5 is the annual Turkey Shoot with individual Stroke Play by Flights with low gross and flow net awards.

November 12 is the Charm Day Play off with Nancy Seol Park, Mary Hufford, Anna Kim, Linda Ingalls, Teddi Swanson and Pat Deisem competing for the 2015 over all Charm Day winner.

December 3 is the annual Holiday Party at the Event Center. Please watch for signup information at the golf shop. This is always a wonderful way to meet with great ladies and a spectacular way to end the golf season. If you have questions you may contact Del Poirier or Diane Matoney.