by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Thank you to the 50 ladies who participated and put on their best costumes despite wet conditions and carts having to remain on the cart path.

The Pro Shop Staff had the difficult duty of picking the best costume, a very difficult task this year! However, after much deliberation a decision was made, and this year’s winner is Soonee Kim…Congratulations Soonee!

Here are the Stableford Par 3 results:

First Flight:

First place Jayoung Lee 33 points

Second place Claudia Terry 31 points

Third place Janet Choi 30 points

Fourth place Carla Witte 30 points.

Second Flight:

First place Denise Pratt 34 points

Second place Andrea Alpine 32 points

Third place Jane Lee 29 points

Fourth place Jenny Kim 29 points.

Third Flight:

First place Teddi Swanson 30 points

Second place Lana Yagle 28 points

Third place Juna Lee 28 points

Fourth place Joan Weinstein 25 points.

Fourth Flight: First place Soonee Kim36 points

Second place Betty Cuniberti 30 points

Third place Charlene Gonzalez 30 points

Fourth place Jacky Dunn 29 points.