Posting Golf Scores
Barry Savnik, Handicap Chairman

USGA golfers are responsible for:
1) Submitting/Posting scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after rounds are completed
2) Playing by the Rules of Golf.

Scores to post include:
1) All rounds where at least 7 holes are completed (7 – 12 holes post a 9-hole score, 13 – 18 holes post an 18-hole score)
2) Playing in the company of at least one other player
3) Stroke or match play

Scores not to post include:
1) Scramble and 4 golf club formats
2) Play using non-conforming equipment (e.g. elevation measuring devices)

Where to post.
1) Tournament Director or Pro Shop may post for you for certain tournaments
2) NCGA mobile app
3) or on-line sites
4) NCGA posting kiosk, such as one in Rossmoor Pro Shop.

What to post.
Post adjusted scores, not gross scores.
1) Adjusted scores have a maximum hole score of ‘Net Double Bogey’. For example. A 10-handicapper plays the Dollar Ranch course and shoots a gross score of 80. The player has a bad first hole (Par 4, 15 handicap) and scores an 8. The maximum hole score (Net Double Bogey) for this player is 6 (4 +2). The adjusted score is a 78 (80 – 2).
2) Un-played holes. Scale up to 9 or 18 holes using ‘net par’ for un-played holes. For example, on Dollar Ranch our 10-handicapper player stops after 16 holes. Holes 17 (par 4, handicap 14) and 18 (par 5, handicap 6) would be scored a 4 and a 6 respectively.
3) Holes started but not finished. Record most likely score. For example, player lies 3 on or near the green and picks up/concedes the hole. Putts under 5 ft: add 1 stroke (gross 4), putts/chips 5 ft. to 20 yds: add 2 strokes (gross 5).