STAGE 2- June 5, 2020

• Golf shop will be open 6:30 am for the first tee time available and close at 6:00 pm.
• Range will open 6:30 am and close at 6:00 pm. Last balls sold at 5:30 pm.

• Tee times may be made by residents up to one week in advance by PHONE ONLY starting at 7:30 am and lasting until 8:00 am. After 8:00 am times can be made at the counter or by phone. Our phone number is (925) 988-7861.
• Tee times will be for RESIDENTS ONLY and the resident sponsor guests (RSG)Program.
• Reservations and play will be in maximum of threesomes.
• Tee times will be available 6:30 am to 2:00 pm on the Creekside Course, 6:30 am to dusk on the Dollar Course. Walkers will be allowed on the Creekside Course after 4:00 pm.
• Men’s Day is Wednesday with men only on both courses until 11:00 am. Women’s Day is Thursday with women only on both courses until 11:00 am.

• Customers are now allowed inside the golf shop, but they must wear a mask. Maximum number of customers in the golf shop is four. Please follow the social distancing tape on the patio and into the golf shop. Customers wanting to shop will be allowed one at a time and must wear gloves.
• There are two check in stations, please wait for the golf shop staff to call you up to the station.
• Customer checks in, CREDIT CARDS ONLY…no cash. Use chip reader for credit cards.
• Only transaction is for green fees, carts or merchandise handled by staff/customers with gloves.
• Range buckets will be available at the counter.
• Scorecards and pencils on request only.
• No rental clubs. No demo clubs.

• Residents only playing in maximum of threesomes. Six-foot distance must be maintained throughout the facility.
• Carts are single rider only unless same household.
• Range open but six-foot distancing must be maintained (every other stall). 30 minutes maximum time to practice.
• Practice areas open but limited to three persons per green. 15 minutes maximum time to practice.
• Players putt to raised cup, flagsticks left in hole (NO TOUCHING FLAGSTICKS).
• No ball washers, no rakes.
• No Score posting in the golf shop, only on phone app.
• No gatherings after play.
• No sand bottles provided on rental carts.

• Anyone not following these procedures/rules will be asked to leave the facility.
• Please take care of the golf course by fixing ball marks (not just yours), replacing divots, smooth sand with feet and keeping the carts on the path as much as possible.
• Treat the golf course and each other with kindness and empathy.