Rossmoor Men’s Golf Club Donates Repair Tools to Greens Department

Since the start of the 2022 golf season, and going through the 2023 golf season it was apparent to both the RMGC and pro shop staff that there was a significant increase in usage of the Stanley Dollar, and Creekside golf courses, and the practice chipping and pitching greens. There was also a corresponding increase in the number of ball marks on those greens that were not being repaired.

To help increase the enjoyment of playing and practicing on the Rossmoor golf facilities, the RMGC Board, under the direction of President Jon Shaffer, agreed to purchase and donate to Blake Swint, Rossmoor greens superintendent, a set of tools to help repair the ball marks on all the greens. Every golfer over the 2024 golf season should see a marked improvement in the condition of our greens due to the use of these tools.

The RMGC reminds ALL golfers to do their part in keeping our golf courses in excellent condition by fixing any ball mark they see, and by also filling in divots on our tees and fairways.

(caption for picture- Blake Swint (left) and Jon Shaffer (right)seen using new repair tools on Creekside green)